Our Goal

Our goal at One Care Rehab is to quickly and seamlessly, get you into a specialized facility comfortably, addressing all your needs, as soon as possible, with placement most times occurring that day.  We believe that everyone who wants and needs help, should be able to do so quickly and easily, at an affordable price.

One Care Rehab (OCR) is an entirely free, comprehensive service designed to assist anyone seeking substance abuse and addiction treatment find the best rehab available. If you are starting the process of looking for treatment help or had unsuccessful treatment, it may become very confusing and frustrating finding the right treatment center for your needs.


There are many questions you may need answered, for example:  How do I find a treatment center that specialized in my addiction?  What happens to my job, school, and/or family? What do I have to do?  How much will it cost?  Does my insurance pay for it?  What if I don’t have insurance?  Can I bring my dog? Can I go to a treatment facility out of state?  With so many providers out there in various states and areas, the average person has a very hard time finding the best facility which suits their needs. Well we are Here to help!   At OCR, our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help assist and facilitate the process, as well as find you the specific specialized, facility which will not only address your addiction needs, but offer such at an affordable price.


We, at OCR, we care about you! “The First Step towards self-improvement is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are!”


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