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Let's face it...Someone in your company is using drugs. You've probably already been alerted to the situation and now you have to make the hard choice. Do you let the employee go or do you try to help the employee??

From a business perspective it usually cost far more to recruit, hire, and train a new employee rather than getting help for your current employee.

We realize this isn't an easy choice. At One Care Rehab, we provide services to help employers deal with finding the right treatment rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction, Illicit Drug Use,  and Alcohol Treatment and Rehab.

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Employee Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Your employees will thank you. The families of your employees will thank you.

The other major benefit is that your employee is will become a loyal employee seeing that you actually care about their overall wellbeing and life.



One Care Rehab ProvidesTreatment Rehab for Employees

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